Dordor Technologies

Dordor Technologies LTD is an IT Solutions provider based in The Gambia and focuses on Network Engineering for businesses.

We offer enterprise-class IT solutions for small to enterprise size businesses and Government.

We will prepare, discuss and interpret all necessary network diagrams, configurations and applicable statistics so it is easy to understand.


Our consultants become familiar with organization’s particular needs and business goals. We have the knowledge and experience to collaboratively design sound and reliable network systems in order to ensure maximum reliability, efficiency and scalability.

  • Advance complex IP routing (BGP, OSPF, ISIS)
  • Switched network implementation (VLANs, trunks, EtherChannel, spanning-tree)
  • Next Generation Firewall design and implementation plus training.
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention (Cisco Firepower, Juniper)
  • Linux and windows server installation and configs.
  • Multiple Branch Locations (MPLS, DMVPN, Site-to-site, Remote access IPSEC VPN)
  • High Availability
  • SD-WAN
  • SDN
Although a relatively ubiquitous element of network systems these days, not all equipment or solutions are ‘one size fits all’. We properly assess with onsite surveys, addressing security and wireless business needs.

  • Standalone or controller based access points
  • Guest wireless integration (BYOD)
  • Wireless Internet Service Provider Setup and design implementation
  • Public WiFi
  • Hotel WiFi
See problems at glance before anybody else! We use enterprise level technology to constantly scan your system and alert our team if there are any issues, day or night.

This system also allows us to be proactive and will warn us of any potential problems so we can resolve them before issues occur. We have engineers working while you sleep.

If a problem arises overnight, we take all possible steps to resolve it before the business day starts.

Choosing the right virtualization technology can be a difficult task.

Let us help you think-through your options and design the most appropriate virtualization solution for your business need.

Is your network ready for Voice over IP? You could be saving $$$ investing in right VOIP technology.

We offer solutions for small-business to enterprise size companies.

As your company grows, your ICT infrastructure must also grow along with the business. Complex ICT systems are costly, requiring significant resources and limiting your ability to respond to the fluctuations of your business and the economy.

Dordor technologies Outsourcing IT services is tailored specifically to meet clients needs which effectively relieves them from their ICT Systems burden and enabling them to focus their resources on their core business.

Dordor technologies working closely with the leading IT and Telecoms vendors consulting services teams can provide strategic, architectural / envisioning expertise that help better plan initiatives relating to your ICT system, We are geared to provide maintenance, support, and transformation and operations management of your ICT infrastructure so as to improve quality and reduced costs.

Deciding on moving your network to the cloud? Be it AWS, Azure, Google Cloud,Office 365.

Let us help you decide what is the best path and solution for YOUR business needs!

We Provide Outsourced IT Services For
Small & Mid-Sized Business

Appropriate for your Specific business,making it easy for
you to have quality IT Services.What We Do



If you have any IT related problems or network support questions, you can ask and we will answer in PLAIN ENGLISH.

You will not be made to feel uncomfortable by our team of IT experts with unfamiliar technical terms.